Krav Maga and Community

On a crowded Seattle bus, a man walked up to a passenger and pointed a gun at his head. This happened in a car full of commuters.  The target defended himself, and a crowd of passengers came to his aid.  This got me thinking about the value of community, and what we can and should do to strengthen ours.

Krav Maga builds and extends strong communities. The problem with modern life, especially big city life, is that we are surrounded by hundreds of thousands of strangers.  People enter our personal space who are not part of our personal circle.  Some of these people are dangerous.

That recent video of the gunman on the bus is a good example. There’s no way to prevent a potentially dangerous person into our space.  The video illustrates the problem but also the solution: community.

Ok, the first solution to this problem is individual training.  I’ve spent most of my adult life encouraging people to take their safety into their own hands.  However, an additional solution is to get as many others as possible to train as well.  Bring them into your self defense community.  The more people who train in martial arts, the safer we will be.

Martial arts require discipline, dedication, and effort. Our training also direct energy productively.  These are the reasons parents enroll their children in martial arts, and this rational works for adults, too.  I firmly believe that if we train more people in Krav Maga, or any other practical system, there will be fewer thugs, and we will be safer from those that remain.

When some hooligan does cause trouble, there will be more Kravists to stand up to them.  When an individual stands up to a bully, it makes us cheer for that person.  When the community stands up to a thug, it gives us hope for the human race.  We need more of that, and Krav Maga training can help provide it.  I know that if I see someone in trouble, I will help.  I’m sure most Krav Maga practitioners reading this article would do the same. So get a friend to join your training, and you’ve just doubled the number of good Samaritans willing to help, and reduced the thugs’ advantage by the same number.  You’ve made your community safer, and better.

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